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Bucureștii Noi Charity Foundation is committed to help improve the living conditions of people in distress, overcome material obstacles as much as possible and promote education there where possible, for the sake of dignity and personal independence.

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Our foundation offers different opportunities to volunteer either in group during the summer and individually during the year. Activities that can be attended and supported are multiple: the summer center in July and August, scout activities, communication activities throughout the year, food distribution for the elderly. The foundation is accredited to host EVS volunteers (European Voluntary Service)

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What do people say about us?

A special place with special people. My love goes dearly and hardly I get her to go out the evening when I go to get it. She participated in very beautiful activities and had fun all summer with wonderful people. All about what you do and get involved! A place that deserves all the appreciation, people who are always ready to stretch your hand.


Congratulations on everything you do! I was impressed by the professional way you work and the joy of your beneficiaries!.


At the Foundation I found support and goodwill at any time, it puts my soul in the education of children. My boy wants to take it as late as possible, here she does the lessons and socializes with the other children of his own. I am thankful! I highly recommend.


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