Fundația Bucureștii Noi | Partners


Fundația Vodafone România
  • Proiectul "Diferență nu indiferență"
il pozzo si isacco logo
  • Annual donation for the maintenance of the dental surgery
  • Scholarships disbursement for 15 students per year
  • Food shipping
YANA logo
  • 1999-2008 - sponsor of elders project
          - daily hot meal for 25 elders
  • 1999-2008 sponsor of families project
          - scholarships for children
          - support for indispensable expenses (medicines, food, clothes)
  • 2008-today sponsor of elders project II
          - food and indispensable goods for 15 elders per month
humanitair roemenie logo
  • 2005-today
          - organization and shipment of an articulated lorry full of food and clothes per year
          - food sponsorship for 200 families per year
  • 2007 - he made the creation of a dental surgery possible by giving the needed equipment and tools
  • 2003 - main sponsor of the creation of the new parish youth club (which is now hosting students and volunteers)
il giardino delle rose blu logo
  • Colletion and shipment of food, clothes and indispensable goods
san giovanni battista logo
  • 2007 - fund raising for needy ones, beneficiaries of the foundation
  • 2009 - collection and shipment of food and clothes
masci jesolo logo
  • 1993 - today - sponsorship of ca. 17 children and annual donation of food and indispensable goods
  • 2008 - sponsor of scholarships for students
passo doppo passo logo
  • 2008 - today - organization of fund raising and food, clothes and indispensable goods shipment
pegperego logo
  • 2010-today - donation of pushchairs, high chairs and other products for children
milte italia spa logo
  • 2010-2011 - donation of powdered milk for children
vibrostop logo
  • 2009-today - donation of computers, telephones and other goods to be used in an office
  • 2000-today - money donation to needy families, twice a year, to buy food
  • 1995-2003 - animation service and support to the families
  • 2003-today - support to the students
  • Each year they give food and money to the needy ones