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Mergem la facultate

mergem la facultate

Education is a very important factor in young people's growth and in the development of a community. This is why one of the Foundation's aim is to help paying the university fees for some kids who, due to social/financial problems are not able to attend the university. The Foundation offers small scholarships and when the kids need it, it hosts them in its rooms. Every year, 15 students are hosted at our headquarters and 15 are financially supported. In order to obtain our scholarships the students will have to prove to be deserving, keeping a high annual average and taking part in the Foundation's activities/projects.

Main financier:
Il pozzo di Isacco ONLUS
Other financiers:
Bucureștii Noi parish, MASCI Jesolo
six-month/yearly frequency, the project has been active for 10 years
30 young people (15 of them receive the scholarship and are hosted at the headquarters of the Foundation, 15 of them just receive the scholarship)
  • university fees payment
  • hospitality to the young people (they are hosted at our headquarters in double rooms with bathroom and can use a kitchen and a common room)
  • Every year 30 young people get the chance to attend university and to obtain an educational qualification which allows them to aim at a high-level job. The majority comes from hard situations and their families go through heavy financial problems. Many of them come from suburban areas and from the countryside.

Location: Bucharest, at fondation location.