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Give goods

give goods

One day, a farmer showed up in front of a friary holding a magnificent bunch of grapes. When the friar working as doorkeeper opened the door, the farmer said smiling:

-Take this, I want to give you the most beautiful bunch of my vines.

-To me? – The friar blushed with happiness for that gift. -Do you really want to give this to me?

-Of course, as you have always showed me friendship and you have helped me when I asked you to.

And the farmer too was enlightened a little by the simple and pure joy he saw on the friar's face. The friar placed the bunch of grapes where it could be easily seen and he kept on gazing at it for the whole morning. At a certain point he got an idea: what about taking it to the abbot and give him some joy as well?

So he took the bunch to the abbot who was truly happy about it. Yet the abbot remembered there was an old, ill friar in the friary and thought:

-I will take the bunch to him, so he will have some relief.

So the bunch of grapes moved again. But he didn't remain long in the ill friar's cell either.

He actually thought that the bunch would bring a little happiness to the friar who was working in the kitchen, sweating at the kitchen stove all day long. But the cook gave the bunch to the sacristan, who take it to the youngest friar of the friary, who decided to give it to another friar. Passing from friar to friar, the bunch of grapes eventually returned to the doorkeeper.

The joy he felt now was a lot deeper than the one he felt when receiving it the first time.

Fundația Bucureștii Noi offers a lot of people every month, sometimes every day, a box full of food, clothes or indispensable goods. Every Christmas, the catholic parish Bucureștii Noi makes up 100 gift boxes full of food and toys. They are distributed on Christmas Night by a Santa Claus.

You can support the beneficiaries of Fundația Bucureștii Noi giving:
  • - Food:
       - olive and seed oil
       - long-life products
       - coffee
       - pasta
       - rice
       - biscuits
       - powdered milk
       - homogenized food
  • - Indispensable goods:
       - napkins
       - pushchairs
       - beds
       - crutches
       - soap
       - sheets
  • - Clothes for any season and any age
  • - Toys