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Give your 2%

give your 2%

You can support our projects by giving your 2% to Fundația Bucureștii Noi.

Giving 2% of your income tax is completely free! The new Fiscal Code, with the changes made in January 2005 (Par 90), sets the quota of the income tax a natural person can donate to a NGO to 2%.

What can I do

The procedure is simple and free! All you need to do is fill in and sign the: Form 230, if in the year 2013 you made an income from dependent job, or the Form 200 if in the year 2012 you made an income from other sources of profit ( independent activities, property use assignment, professional services, intellectual property rights, etc.)

You don't need to write down the amount of money (the Revenue Agency will calculate it according to the law) nor to enclose any fiscal document. Once the Model has been filled in, send it directly to your Financial Administration's office or via registered letter with return receipt, by May the 25th of each year.

The addresses of the Public Financial Administrations can be found here.

The data of Fundatia Bucurestii Noi which must be used in the income tax return or in the Model 230 are:

Fundația Bucureștii Noi
Cod fiscal
Str. Liniștei, Nr. 13, Sector 1, București
Bank name
CEC Bank, București
If you own a company

If you own a company you can donate 2% of your income tax to Fundația Bucureștii Noi.

The Fiscal Code or the VAT number allow you to do so and it is completely free.

According to the paragraph 8 of the Law nr.32/1994 referring to the sponsorship, natural and juridical persons making a sponsorship can benefit from a taxable income reduction of an equal value of the sponsorship, according to the conditions provided by the law. According to paragraph 21 (align.4 let.p) of the Fiscal Code, a taxpayer making a sponsorship, as provided by the law nr.32/1994, will enjoy a reduction of the income tax according to the minimum amounts:

  •        3% of the company sales proceeds
  •        20% of income tax

The procedure is simple: you can calculate 20% of the income tax of the company and then you can fill in the sponsorship contract with Fundația Bucureștii Noi.

The expenses are deductible, so the company has no additional costs.

For example

A company has profit: 100 000 RON.

The income tax due to the State is:

100 000 x 16 / 100 = 16 000 RON

20% of income tax

16 000 x 20 / 100 = 3200 RON (deductible sponsorship value)

The sponsorship can be completely deducted from taxes, if it remains within the limits fixed by the Fiscal Code (i.e. it mustn't be higher than 3% of the sales proceeds and higher than 20% of the tax).

You can donate 20% of the income tax of the company to Fundația Bucureștii Noi, through a sponsorship contract.

Thank you in advance! Feel free to ask us any further information you may need.