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About us

Parohia Maica Îndurerată



  • Food assistance, material and financial support for needy families
  • Support for deserving students, having low economic possibilities
  •        Free or semi-free hospitality at the headquarters of the Foundation
  •        Yearly scholarships disbursement
  • Support for alone elderly people with low economic possibilities
  •        Food assistance, material and financial support
  •        Organization of recreational days at the headquarters of the Foundation
  • Formative and recreational activities for children and young people, belonging to the gipsy ethnic group as well
  •        After-school activities during wintertime
  •        Courses and recreational activities such as drawing and music
  •        Summer camp in July and August
  •        Scout group "Bucureștii Noi 1"


  • Elderly people (every year ca. 150 elderly people receive material and financial support)
  • Needy families (every year ca. 100 families receive material and financial assistance)
  • University students (every year ca. 20 students receive scholarships and/or hospitality at our headquarters)
  • Children (every summer ca. 40 children take part free of charge in our two-month formative and recreational summer activities and ca. 40 children/kids take part in the scout activities)