Fundația Bucureștii Noi | Alături de bătrâni și familie

Alături de bătrâni și familie

alături de bătrâni și familie

The main project of the Foundation has the aim to support alone and needy elderly people and big families undergoing financial difficulties. Any beneficiary is monthly provided with a food box. The food box and/or the cloth box, together with rucksacks and stationery, are given according to the specific need of the families. Moreover, the families with newborns and small children are given napkins and specific food. Each Christmas 150 boxes full of food and toys are given out.

Main financier:
YANA Foundation Lichtenstein
Other financiers:
Humanitair Roemenie Amstelveen, MASCI Jesolo, Gruppo Passo dopo Passo Venezia, Gruppo Scout Pisa 5
monthly frequency, the project has been active for 15 years
25 elderly people (who receive a food box), 40 elderly people (who take part in the recreational days), 100 families
  • purchase, preparation and delivery of a food box
  • organization of a recreational day: liturgical rite at the Bucureștii Noi parish, lunch at the headquarters, activities and team games
  • preparation and delivery of clothes boxes and first aid goods
  • preparation of writing materials boxes
  • Every month 25 elderly people receive a food box, which is likely to be their only mean of maintenance. Many of them are very old people, left alone with motor handicap.
  • Many people take part in the recreational days, ca. 40, been able to meet up and have a chat with one another. Our recreational days offer a place to meet other people, to have fun and to share ideas and memories.
  • At least twice a year 100 families receive a clothe box and first aid goods
  • Every September 15 writing material boxes are delivered and during the year the material is supplied again, when necessary.
  • Depending on the needing (births, losses, etc.) and on the occasion (Christmas, Easter, birthdays, special occasions) boxes with clothes and first aid goods such as napkins, creams and soaps are delivered.

Location: Bucharest, at fondation location.